Monday, April 2, 2012

Mad Men 503 Review- Take A Load Off, Betty

Roger- "When is everything gonna get back to normal?"
She's just fat.

Since many fans of Mad Men have professed their hatred for Betty Draper/Francis over the years, I'm sure very few were sad to see that she added weight gain to her constant state of sadness during the hiatus.

Betty's increased size, which was a way of covering up January Jones' real life pregnancy, Betty's health scare and how everyone reacted to both covered a majority of what happened in "Tea Leaves."

Unlike many Mad Men viewers, I have always enjoyed the character of Betty. She has always been interesting to me, whether it be her relationship with Don, how she treated the children,or her new marriage to Henry. Her actions here were no different.

Most interesting? Her reaction to finding out that her tumor was in fact benign. "It's nice to be put through the ringer and find out... I'm just fat," she said after hearing the news. In that moment, it was difficult to tell whether she was just frustrated, or if Betty might have really preferred dying over simply being an overweight woman. At least the former makes her special.
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Mad Men 503 - "Tea Leaves"

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