Friday, April 6, 2012

30 Rock 616 Review- Liz-Daddy Issues

Tracy- "You're still here! You didn't go to the store for milk and heroin and then never come back."
To all comedy writers out there, contrast is funny. Sure, it was aided by the hilarity of his love for the half father/half boss that was Liz Lemon, but an on the ball, eager-to-succeed Tracy Jordan was good for nothing but laughs in "Nothing Left to Lose."

We are used to the Tracy that purposefully wants to screw up, or the one that is too lazy to leave his dressing room to get to rehearsal. On this week's 30 Rock, the star of TGS was finished memorizing his lines before LL-Dad even got to the set, worked out a perfect Jimmy Fallon impression and began writing a comedy sketch based on political commentary.

The change of pace for Tracy was welcomed, and I have no doubt that his return to form in the next episode will also make regular Tracy funnier than before. Tracy's increased level work ethic was brought about because of Liz, and her new scent that was reminiscent of TJ's absentee father.

How great were those "I want to please you" moments from Tracy? No matter what clearly not clever nickname he used for his boss/father hybrid - Liz Dad, Smell or the ever popular LL Dad Liz Dad - I laughed every time. His childhood exuberance was only matched by the return of Dr. Spaceman!
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30 Rock 616 - "Nothing Left to Lose"

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