Friday, April 27, 2012

The Office 822 Review- Guess That Price

Oscar- "If you would have seen the look he gave me, he wanted to rock more than just my vote."
It has been four episodes now since the super team returned from Florida, and The Office still hasn't found its footing back in Scranton. "Fundraiser" featured some humorous moments, sure, but it was another continuation of the less-than-spectacular installments we have witnessed as of late.

There were highlights - such as Ryan's opening rant about Smokey Robinson, Dwight's efforts to win the silent auction or Kevin's straight forward attitude towards Andy - but even these pleasant sequences failed to make me laugh out loud. Not every comedy needs to have that skill all the time, but it definitely helps.

In the cold open, Ryan was just being Ryan. He always has an agenda, and he usually doesn't have any idea what he's talking about. That's what makes him such a great character. Whether it is professing his love for a girl he will most likely cheat on, or pretending to have loved Smokey Robinson, Ryan will always be a douchebag.

I'm not sure which was funnier, Dwight's arrogance as he quietly outbid everyone at the silent auction by thousands of dollars, or his ridiculous celebrations after finding out he won every prize.
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The Office 822 - "Fundraiser"

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  1. I don't like Andy-centric episodes but luckily Nellie trying to be friends with Darryl led to her taco eating scene which I thought was really funny. The fact that Darryl knew what she was doing & appreciated it made me like it more.