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Step Footballers- WR Rankings

Again if you want knowledgable fantasy football analysis, head over to Solomons Lines. If you want off-based, biased look at my fantasy football league, you're in the right spot. Next we'll take a look at what everyone ended up with for wide receivers. Heading into the draft with four keepers, teams in the league kept anywhere from zero to two wide receivers. Everyone has at least five receivers after the draft so anything after that was used as a tiebreaker.

8th. Bengals and Hoes
Pack decided to keep Reggie Bush, Ryan Grant and Thomas Jones, while throwing Reggie Wayne and Greg Jennings back into the draft pool. Interesting strategy. Wayne and Jennings were the first two off the board. After snagging Marion Barber with the eighth pick, he finally realized he needed some guys to catch the ball, and took four straight receivers. It might have been too little, too late as he was left with Chad Ochocinco, Santana Moss, Michael Crabtree and Donald Driver. Is Crabtree gonna play this year? Oh and then picked up Hakeem Nicks, while the Giants' top two receivers, Domenik Hixon and Steve Smith went undrafted.
Chad Ochocinco- 3
Santana Moss- 2
Michael Crabtree- 1
Donald Driver- 2
Hakeem Nicks- 0
Score= 1.6

7th. Patriots Worldwide
Brady also went with no wide receivers as keepers. Ronnie Brown over Dwayne Bowe is a stretch for me. Bowe of course went in round one. With no receivers, Braids took three in a row to start the draft. The injured toe of Terrell Owens was his first selection, followed by a nice value pick of Wes Welker in the second. I think the addition of Joey Galloway deters Welker from an increase in touchdowns this season. Superbowl MVP Santonio Holmes in round three finishes up Braids' starters. Three unknowns fill out the roster with the new Bengal Laverneus Coles, third Cardinal Steve Breaston and new Titan Nate Washington. I see some upside but no big guns here.
Terrell Owens- 3
Wes Welker- 3
Santonio Holmes- 2
Laverneus Coles- 1
Steve Breaston- 0
Nate Washington- 1
Score= 2.0

6th. You're Viking High!
Jon the bon was stuck with only three legit keepers. He was stuck with keeping Braylon Edwards as his fourth. Luckily Randy Moss was one of his other three. He got his first two receivers in the draft during rounds three and four when he went with Mr. Celebration, DeSean Jackson and the old man in Pittsburgh, Hines Ward. I like DeSean's upside but don't like Hines' age. As Jon the bon does, he started building for the future at the end of the draft, selecting Ted Ginn Jr. and Percy Harvin as his fifth and sixth receivers. I like neither of these picks, especially Percy.
Randy Moss- 5
Braylon Edwards- 2
DeSean Jackson- 2
Hines Ward- 2
Ted Ginn Jr.- 1
Percy Harvin- 0
Score= 2.4

5th. Skins and Gigs
After the three headed running back, The Bonz settled on Marques Colston as his fourth keeper. Between a history of injuries and how much Brees likes to move the ball around, I don't think of Colston as elite. Luckily, with the second pick in the draft, The Bonz snagged Greg Jennings as his second receiver. To fill out his starting spots, he then took Antonio Bryant at the end of the second round. He probably didn't see an injury in the near future. After going quarterback running back in the next two rounds, The Bonz came back with his final two receivers, a great value in Lee Evans and then a pick I don't like that much, Lance Moore. I don't see Moore doing anything close to what he accomplished a year ago.
Marques Colston- 3
Greg Jennings- 4
Antoino Bryant- 3
Lee Evans- 2
Lance Moore- 1
Score= 2.6

4th. Strictly 80s Giants
Big Tom kept two receivers. The greatest person in the world, Larry Fitzgerald, and some idiot, Roy Williams. Obviously Fitz is the consensus top receiver, but I don't like the Roy Williams call. Sure he is the supposed number one in Dallas, but when I owned him in Detroit he was a handful. I wouldn't be surprised if Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin do better than him. On the other hand, Big Tom scooped up another one of Pack's leftovers, selecting Reggie Wayne with the first pick in the draft. Reg has to have a bounce back year, in my completely biased opinion. He then waited until round six to take another receiver, picking Jerricho Cotchery. Without Coles, Cotchery could see an increase in production, or he could get doubled more often. Chris Chambers rounds out his receiving corps.
Larry Fitzgerald- 5
Roy Williams- 2
Reggie Wayne- 4
Jerricho Cotchery- 2
Chris Chambers- 1
Score= 2.8

3rd. 100% Rawhide Titans
Instead of keeping two receivers like his brothers, JJ and myself, Ttime went with one receiver and his beloved tight end. Steve Smith is a good base for your receiving corp, and when you take two in the first two rounds, you should be sitting pretty. I loved the Dwayne Bowe pick in the first round at draft time, but word from Kansas City is that he is in the dog house with new coach Todd Haley. Vincent Jackson is just an athletic beast and should improve over last season's performance. Ttime's depth is fantastic in my mind, as he stole Anthony Gonzalez, Devin Hester and Kevin Walter in rounds four, six and nine, respectively. Picking after Ttime in the even rounds, I was absolutely gonna take Anthony, but then settled on his brother with the same name.
Steve Smith- 4
Dwayne Bowe- 3
Vincent Jackson- 3
Anthony Gonzalez- 2
Devin Hester- 2
Kevin Walter- 2
Score= 2.8

2nd. Coltalina Wine Mixer
Before the draft I was given the difficult decision of dropping two of my four beloved receivers into the draft. Although I thought it tough at the time, I'm very pleased I held onto Anquan Boldin and Roddy White and let Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall go. Both of those guys were headaches. Roddy got a nice contract and Anquan has decided to shut his mouth this season, so my base is set. After doing my research, I decided on TJ Houshmandzadeh with my fifth overall selection. He has produced year in and year out, even last season with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. A new city, a new (and good quarterback), TJ is set for a big year. With Marshall's legal issues and hamstring problems, I'm envisioning Eddie Royal as the number one guy in Denver. I was extremely surprised when he fell to me in the fifth round. I then went with the number one guy in St. Louis, Donnie Avery. I also didn't see a major injury in his near future.
Anquan Boldin- 4
Roddy White- 4
TJ Houshmandzadeh- 4
Eddie Royal- 2
Donnie Avery- 1
Score= 3.0

1. Enterprise RaiderCars
JJ came into the draft with the self, and everyone, proclaimed best wide receiver corps. He also left with it. The Johnson brothers came into their own as a duo for the Raiders last year. Andre gets the yards and Calvin snags the touchdowns. It does wonders for a team. Both top five guys, the Johnsons will be tough to top again this year. In round one, after Wayne, Jennings, Owens, TJ and Bowe went off the board, JJ was left with the end of the tier, Brandon Marshall. Don't get me wrong, I loved having Brandon at the beginning of last year, but his off the field troubles and injury problems can't keep Jayj confident in him. JJ then went with number one Viking Bernard Berrian in round four, but who is throwing this dude the ball? Not Brett Favrah. At the end he snagged once a great as a member of my Colts, Torry Holt.
Andre Johnson- 5
Calvin Johnson- 4
Brandon Marshall- 4
Bernard Berrian- 2
Torry Holt- 1
Score= 3.2

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