Thursday, August 27, 2009

CBS Fall Preview

What we're excited for from CBS this fall.

Full fall lineup with recommendations can be found here.

The Mentalist
As the only procedural show that I have been able to watch an entire season of, The Mentalist does it for me for one major reason. Patrick Jane. This guy is an unbelievable character. As a consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation, Jane uses his mentalist abilities to solve crimes. It is not his abilities, but his cocky attitude and charm that pop off the screen each week. The cast of characters around him put the show over the top for me. Kirsten's sister from The O.C. and the Asian guy from the AT&T commercials are two of the best supporting characters out there.

Although still not nearly as good as Big Brother, which this summer's latest installment of the houseguest reality show has proved, Survivor is the next best thing. CBS is really promoting the coming season hard, exclaiming that this fall's version of the survival competition will introduce the biggest Survivor villain ever. Although I'm not quite sure what a reality show villain is, it gets me excited. Is a villain someone that the cast hates, or someone the audience hates? Is it someone that is really mean, but the audience loves? Is it someone that is really obnoxious that the audience can't stand, but because they are so ridiculous you kind of like them? Whichever it is, it sounds good to me.

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