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Step Footballers- RB Rankings

This fall I will be doing a little analysis of my fantasy football league. I'm going to compare the teams at each position and then rate and rank them. If you would like to take the advice from a fantasy football player who has yet to win a championship in this five year old league, than you're in the right spot. If you'd rather listen to the only guy to win it twice, then head to Solomons Lines.

First let's take a look at running backs. Since each team had at least four running backs on their roster, those are the players I took into account for the initial running back score. For tie breakers I used fifth or sixth backs.

8th. You're Viking High!
Jon the bon had only one out of his four keepers as a running back, the high potential but less proven Steve Slaton. With the third pick of the draft, he passed over Marion Barber for Knowshon Moreno (but hey he's building for the future). Later on he picked up ex-Giant Derrick Ward and Ray Rice. Will Ward get the bulk of the carries and Tampa? Can Ray stay atop the three-headed monster in Baltimore?
Steve Slaton- 4
Knowshon Moreno- 1
Derrick Ward- 3
Ray Rice- 2
Score= 2.5

7th. Strictly 80s Giants
Big Tom pulled a trade in the offseason in which he received Brian Westbrook and an 8th round pick for his 2nd round pick. Looked good early, but was that 2nd rounder too much to give up? He kept Westbrook and Kevin Smith going into the draft. The first running back he took off the board was the fragile Willie Parker and backed that up with third stringer Willis McGahee. Luckily he snagged LeSean McCoy to replace Westbrook once he hits the sidelines.
Brian Westbrook- 4
Kevin Smith- 3
Willie Parker- 2
Willis McGahee- 0
LeSean McCoy- 1
Score= 2.5

6th. Bengals and Hoes
Pack went the opposite route of Jon the bon, and kept three out of his four players as running backs. The problem I foresee is that one of them is Reggie Bush. If not for some punt returns a year ago, he could have been the biggest bust keep ever. This year he might be. Already hitting the injury bug, I don't see him doing much this season. Thomas Jones and Ryan Grant were his other RB keepers, and I like neither. He lucked out with everyone and my brothers skipping picking wide receivers in the first round so Marion Barber could fall to him with the 8th pick. He followed that up with the Jamal Lewis call near the end of the draft.
Thomas Jones- 3
Ryan Grant- 3
Reggie Bush- 2
Marion Barber- 4
Jamal Lewis- 0
Score= 3.0

5th. Patriots Worldwide
Braids also went with three running back keepers. He has the great, if injury ridden, Adrian Peterson to go along with two guys I don't predict having years like they did a season ago. Deangelo Williams might be good, but his fantasy season is bound to come back to earth. I thought fantasy analysts would be loving this guy, but surprisingly they agree with me. His schedule is horrendous and Jon Stewart is bound to steal more carries if he stays healthy. Ronnie Brown had 10 touchdowns in one game against the Pats last year, and other than that he was mediocre. His only back drafted (albeit he couldn't be there in person) was Big Fat LenDale White (copyright Matthew Berry). Sure he stopped drinking tequila, but are you ever gonna be confident enough in him to start him? I know I wasn't last year.
Adrian Peterson- 5
Deangelo Williams- 4
Ronnie Brown- 3
LenDale White- 2
Score= 3.5

4th. Enterprise RaiderCars
JJ came into the draft with the self-proclaimed best team in the league, and he left the same way. I agree with him that Matt Forte is the best looking running back coming into this season, but I'm not nearly as high on Steven Jackson. Those were his two running back keepers. The Rams should be God awful again this year and he does have a history of injuries. In the second round he picked up his boy, Darren McFadden. Now I love the Raiders schedule, and love their running game, but word out of Oakland is that Justin Fargas is still listed as the starter and we might be looking at a three headed monster. His next running back off the board was the already injured Beanie Wells and then went on to pick up Stupid Cedric Benson (copyright Matthew Berry). Although he looks like the man in Cincinatti, can he really be? I know I've never seen him run well. And for extra Raider love he snagged Michael Bush at the end.
Matt Forte- 5
Steven Jackson- 4
Darren McFadden- 3
Beanie Wells- 2
Cedric Benson- 2
Michael Bush- 0
Score= 3.5

3rd. 100% Rawhide Titans
Ok so after Ttime stole Chris Johnson from me off the waiver wire in week one last year, he is all high and mighty that he is so great for getting him. Taking that into account, Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew are two very good, very young backs, in very good situations to have as two keepers. I don't think he did himself any favors in the draft though. Only taking two more backs, he took Joseph Addai in round three and snagged the aforementioned Jon Stewart in the seventh. Sure my beloved Colts might have a revamped o-line this season, but I think Joseph was a part of the problem a season ago. His body might not be made for the 16 game, 20 carries a game season. I like Donald Brown to have at least 50% of the carries by mid-season. Jonathan faces the same scheduling problems as Deangelo and also seems to be an injury heavy guy.
Maurice Jones-Drew- 5
Chris Johnson- 4
Joseph Addai- 3
Jonathan Stewart- 3
Score= 3.75

2nd. Coltalina Wine Mixer
Here we go with all of my hometeam bias. I don't have a big gun, but keeping Frank Gore and Clinton Portis gives me a solid base. Portis was the top running back in the league last year (for the first half of the season). Word from San Francisco is that there is a heavy amount of carries coming Frank's way this season, and neither guy will lose out carries to backups. After picking up a receiver in round one, what I think was the best running back in the draft (not including keepers) fell in my lap in the second round. Pierre Thomas will get a Saints' share of the carries on one of, if not the best offense in the league this year. The frenchman easily has top five RB potential in 2009. I went on to take back Larry Johnson after I let him go last year. Although I'm not confident he won't bust, but his new attitude seems to be getting LJ in the right direction. Sleeper picks in late rounds were Felix Jones and the aforementioned Colts' encumbant, Donald Brown.
Frank Gore- 4
Clinton Portis- 4
Pierre Thomas- 4
Larry Johnson- 3
Felix Jones- 2
Donald Brown- 2
Score= 3.75

1st. Skins and Gigs
The Bonz came into the draft with a formidable trio of running backs. The old man, but seemingly still relevent, LaDanian Tomlinson leads the Redskins as always. His two lacks are Michael Turner and Brandon Jacobs. Although I don't love Michael Turner, mostly because of a major schedule decrease this year, both guys are in great situations. The Falcons will continue to pound it and Jacobs doesn't have to deal with that pesky Derrick Ward anymore. Between those three, I don't see The Bonz going to his bench much, but if he does he might be in trouble. He took the suspended Marshawn Lynch in round four and then went back to back at the end of the draft with the two little handcuffs, Darren Sproles and Ahmad Bradshaw.
Michael Turner- 5
LaDanian Tomlinson- 4
Brandon Jacobs- 4
Marshawn Lynch- 2
Darren Sproles- 1
Ahmad Bradshaw- 1
Score= 3.75

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  1. Revised rankings from No2ndActs:
    8: Jon the Bon doesn't even deserve this spot. He should be voted out of the league simply for his running back selections.
    7 & 6: Pack and Big Tom switch spots. Ryan Grant can't carry Pack's backfield, and I like Willie Parker much more than Danny seems to. I will give Pack credit for having Jamal Lewis. He deserves at least a 1 rating.
    5: TTime has three backs who split carries. MJD can't offset that fact.
    4: JJ's slotting seems right to me.
    3: Danny. Hometown bias is an understatement.
    2: Braids got slighted. His top two are almost as good as what Bonz puts out. He will struggle on bye weeks, though.
    1: The Bonz should get full control of Jon the Bon's team. His bench is far superior to Jon's starters.