Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Brother- Week 5

Jeff was responsible for the most personally gratifying move in Big Brother history. His newfound semi-alliance with Russell gave him a three man team with the two of them and Jordan. The other three-man team was Jessie, Natalie and this week's HoH, Chima. After awarded the coup d'etat power, Jeff flipped the house, took Russell and Lydia off the block and put the God awful Jessie and disgusting Natalie on the block. After a vote of 4-3 Jessie went out the door. It now seems that Jeff has all the power in the house, but is it too soon to have this much power? Russell has a good amount of time to blow up a bunch and ruin things for Jeff.

Fantasy results

1st. The Babysharks (The Kid)
Russell- Lux (5), Nom (-5), 11= 11
Kevin- PoV (15), 11= 26
Week 5= 37
Total= 110

2nd. Working Title: Plate Boys (Lar)
Jeff- 11
Lydia- Nom (-5), 11= 6
Michelle- 11
Week 5= 28
Total= 91

3rd. Working Title: Pizza Eaters (Mags)
Jordan- Lux (5), 11= 16
Natalie- Lux (5), Nom (-5), Votes (-9), 11= 2
Week 5= 18
Total= 23

4th. Gaydon's Misery (Jaydon)
Chima- HoH (12), 11= 23
Week 5= 23
Total= -29

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