Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FOX Fall Preview

What we're excited for from FOX this fall.

Check out FOX's entire lineup with my recommendations here.

Season six begins this fall and Gregory House is not at Princeton Plainsboro. Instead he will start the season at a mental institution. I like anything that takes the plot away from the standard no storyline episode that House brings half of the time. Rumor has it that Chase and Cameron will be back on the team come next year and that only means good things. Since Chase left, I have actually started to like him. I'm sure that will change once he comes back.

The MacFarlane Trio
Family Guy is now in its eighth season, American Dad will begin its fifth, and The Cleveland Show comes to FOX for the first time. Family Guy will continue to take every third week off and throw out a dud of an episode, but there are plenty of unbelievable eps, see Bird Is The Word, to get me excited. American Dad is like Family Guy's little brother, but Roger the Alien is funny enough to keep my attention. I'm not a huge Cleveland fan, but if MacFarlane's at the helm, it shows some promise.

This new sitcom starring Michael Strahan is bound to be bad, but when has being a bad show, ever stopped a show from being entertaining (see Full House, Las Vegas, One Tree Hill). Unlike those shows, Brothers may end up being bad in a bad way. But with ex-Giant Michael Strahan and Chubbs Peterson as main characters, I'll tune in for the first few episodes or so.

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