Saturday, August 22, 2009

NBC Fall Preview

What we're excited for from NBC this fall.

Check out the entire NBC lineup and my recommendations here.

The Office
The winner of three Poolies last spring, including The Seinfeld
Award for Best Comedy Series, The Office returns for a sixth season after a bit of a shocker in May. Pam is pregnant, we think, but is that really that important for this show? Maybe. Will she be in the office for much longer? Will she be at home, creating new situations? Who knows, but as long as Michael, Dwight and the gang are on point, it should be another fantastically hillarious season in Scranton, PA.

30 Rock
After receiving two Poolies a year ago, 30 Rock comes back for a fourth season. It seems that many people, not just critics and awards shows, are recognizing the genius that is 30 Rock. As is always the case at the TGS with Tracy Jordan set, I'm expecting some big cameos this fall. If there are none, we can always count on Tracy, Jack and Liz to get the job done in New York.

Easy, easy. I know what you're all saying. "This show is terrible!" Although I disagree to an extent, I have to admit that I still enjoy Heroes. It has gone extremely downhill since its fantastic first season, but there is always promise heading into a new volume of the superhero action series. The idea I'm most curious about is the Sylar/Nathan Petrelli combo character. Does one win out over the other? Knowing the show the way I do, they'll probably split into two people so that they don't have to get rid of either character.

This new comedy, starring The Soup's Joel McHale, is about a dude who goes to community college. He was a lawyer with a degree from Columbia (the country), but obviously that's not working out anymore. Also starring Chevy Chase, Community shows a lot of promise in NBC's fall lineup.

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