Sunday, August 23, 2009

ABC Fall Preview

What we're excited for from ABC this fall.

Check out the entire ABC lineup with my recommendations here.

Brothers & Sisters
The only returning show on ABC this fall that I'm not upset about watching. Sure nothing ever exciting happens, and I don't like many of the characters, but Brothers & Sisters is always worth a watch. As long as Emily VanCamp continues to return as Rebecca Harper, I will continue to watch. And those of you wondering, my enfatuation with her has nothing to do with the beginning of her last name.

Flash Forward
Although I'm excited for the all new Flash Forward coming this September, I'm half expecting it to completely miss. Don't get me wrong, I love the promos for it, but I think they might outdo the show itself. The premise is great, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be an ordinary show ontop of a great premise.

Modern Family
When it comes to sitcoms, I don't care much for the premise. I deal in actors and writers. The writers' most recent job was the 2007 failed Back to You. The good news is that I enjoyed Back to You. When you add Ed O'Neil and Ty Burell (who starred in Back to You) I think it should be a quality comedy.

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