Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Step Footballers- TE Rankings

Because I waited on a tight end last year, I was caught cycling between Anthony Fasano and Tony Scheffler at one point in the season. That is not a spot you want to be in. When I went up a against a top tight end, I was crying in my soup. As unimportant as they may seem, having confidence in your TE to produce every week can do wonders for your squad. Since not everyone in the league ended up with a backup, I'll be basing this on one tight end.

8th. Bengals and Hoes
Waiting all the way until round nine, after he selected his kicker, Pack went with Green Bay's Donald Lee. He also picked up Jeremy Shockey in the last round.
Donald Lee- 1
Jeremy Shockey- 1
Score= 1

7th. Strictly 80s Giants
Missing out on the first string of tight ends, Big Tom went with Kellen Winslow instead of Owen Daniels or Chris Cooley. Might not have been a good choice. He also picked up Kevin Boss in the last round.
Kellen Winslow- 2
Kevin Boss- 1
Score= 2

6th. Your Viking High!
Jon the bon snagged Chris Cooley relatively late and didn't go with a backup. Cooley didn't get many touchdowns a year ago, but with a lot of catches and yards he could be do for a bounce back year.
Chris Cooley- 3
Score= 3

5th. Skins and Gigs
The Bonz also waited on tight end and ended up with a guy a lot of people are touting highly this season. Owen Daniels was also lacking in tds a year ago, but gets enough targets in Houston to get the job done.
Owen Daniels- 3
Score= 3

4th. Patriots Worldwide
Brady got the last guy, in what most are calling the big four. He took Dallas Clark right after I snagged Gonzo. Peyton loves to look for Dallas in the redzone so Braids should be all set this year.
Dallas Clark- 4
Score= 4

3rd. Enterprise RaiderCars
The first to take a tight end off the board, I feel JJ went with the wrong one. Witten will have to be more of a focal point by the defenses this year (with TO gone). He can't get thrown to much more often than he was a year ago.
Jason Witten- 5
Score= 5

2nd. Coltalina Wine Mixer
Ever since the second season, when I had Kellen Winslow as a stud for me, I've wanted to get a top tier tight end again. I was very pleased when Tony Gonzalez fell to me in the fourth round. With my luck this will be the year that starts to deteriorate.
Tony Gonzalez- 5
Score= 5

1st. 100% Rawhide Titans
Ttime was the only one to keep a tight end. He's had Antonio Gates throughout his franchise. Ttime and Gates are like a package deal. With how much Philip Rivers looks for him, I don't see Gates dropping any from the past couple years, and he's the guy you can count on most in San Diego. Oh yeah, and Ttime also stole Greg Olsen from everybody who didn't pick him earlier than the 10th round.
Antonio Gates- 5
Greg Olsen- 2
Score= 5

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