Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Brother- Week 6 and 7

Things got absolutely ridiculous after Jeff used the Magical Wizard Power last week. Chima, Lydia and Natalie went on a gigantic crying spree over the fact that Jessie was no longer in the house. The other member of their alliance, Kevin, had to sit through the entire thing. Luckily he got to bash them later, in the diary room. The other four way alliance, Jeff, Jordan, Russell and
Michelle were hanging in the backyard in amazement at the fact that the others were bawling. After the four of them decided they wanted Chima out of the house Jeff came with the great quote of, "I'd have a sick feeling in my stomach if one of them won a competition."

After Michelle put Chima and Natalie on the block, the Chima Pet literally went nuts. She kept cursing at the producers, covering the cameras with blankets and then threw her microphone into the hot tub. Not to mention she only answered questions in the diary room with a response of "f*ck you." I don't understand how you go through the effort of getting on this show, have a chance for 500,000 dollars, and throw it all away like that. There are so many people that want to get on this show and she just screws with it. Luckily the producers kicked her out of the game for her ridiculous behavior.

With Chima out of the house they had another HoH competition and Jordan ended up winning it, thanks to Jeff's sabotage. During the comp came one of my favorite interactions of the show so far.
Natalie loses, picks a box and gets a Hawaiian Vacation. Russell loses, gets a phone call from home and trades it with Natalie. After receiving it, Natalie begins to ball because she's so happy that she can get a call from home (even though she's only been gone for a month). What is wrong with the people on this show? I would never take a phone call from home. The only reason I would want it is if Big Tom could tell me what everyone is saying behind my back in the diary room. Anyway, during mid-cry Natalie exclaims "Thank you, Russell." Russell fires back, nonchalantly, "I didn't do it for you. I took the trip, so my parents could have it....Keep crying." Unbelievably awesome.

After the good side has the power again, Jordan puts up Natalie and Lydia, and it is now Lydia's turn to go crazy. In her defense she was a bit drunk, but she started going off on everyone and pleaded for them to get her out of the house. Jeff came back with yet another fantastic quote. "Get ain't goin nowhere." In the end though, she did head out the door.

With his final three player performance this week, Larry has caught up to me on the scoreboard and with me, Lar and Mags all with two players left, it should be a great fight to the finish.

Fantasy results

1st. The Babysharks (The Kid)
Russell- W6 (16), W7 (22)= 38
Kevin- W6 (16), W7 (22)= 38
Week 6 and 7= 76
Total= 186

2nd. Working Title: Plate Boys (Lar)
Jeff- W6 (16), W7 (22)= 38
Lydia- W6 (16), Nom (-5), Votes (-9)= 2
Michelle- HoH (12), W6 (16), W7 (22)= 50
Week 6 and 7= 90
Total= 181

3rd. Working Title: Pizza Eaters (Mags)
Jordan- W6 (16), HoH (12), PoV (15), W7 (22)= 65
Natalie- Nom (-5), W6 (16), Nom (-5), Votes (-3), W7 (22)= 25
Week 6 and 7= 90
Total= 113

4th. Gaydon's Misery (Jaydon)
Chima- Nom (-5)
Week 6 and 7= -5
Total= -34

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