Monday, August 17, 2009

Step Footballers- QB Rankings

I normally would say go to Solomons Lines for actual fantasy football advice, but recently young Solomon has been making ridiculous statements, like any trade involving Drew Brees should be vetoed. Maybe this is the better place to be. Everyone has two quarterbacks so that is what I used to rank the squads. As you would expect, Brees, Brady and Peyton were the three quarterbacks that were kept prior to the draft.

8th. Skins and Gigs
Of the five of us without a quarterback, The Bonz snagged one second and he went with old man Warner. I'm glad I threw out there that I really liked Warner a couple days before the draft. Otherwise he might have waited longer. The Bonz waited until most others had their backups before he took a second quarterback. Ex-Patior Matt Cassel was his selection. I'm not a Cassel fan. I do see Warner performing a bit worse than last year, but I also don't expect him to play the whole yaer again.
Kurt Warner- 4
Matt Cassel- 1
Score= 2.5

7th. 100% Rawhide Titans
Ttime went into the draft wanting Aaron Rodgers. For some reason when it came time to pick his quarterback, he went with Tony Romo instead. I don't like Romo as much as I did when he led my team to the most points last year. Since Rodgers went off the board a couple of picks later, Ttime waited 'til the end of the draft and took Big Ben Roethlisberger as his backup. I see that as a waste of a pick (not that I can say anything because I did the same).
Tony Romo- 4
Ben Roethlisberger- 1
Score= 2.5

6th. Coltalina Wine Mixer
Now this is straight homerism. If I had Romo or Warner, I'd probably still put me sixth. I got McNabb after everyone had a quarterback and Pack and JJ had two. If he stays healthy, I can see Donovan back to the top of the heap at QB. I threw away a pick by taking Eli Manning as my back up near the end of the draft. Players should get paid by how good they are at fantasy. Eli would not be paid more than a million a year.
Donovan McNabb- 4
Eli Manning- 1
Score= 2.5

5th. Enterprise RaiderCars
JJ went with two guys that I see as second tier quarterbacks. He picked both of them ahead of where I took McNabb. I don't like either Jay Cutler or Matt Schaub more than McNabb. Sure Jay Cutler has been fantastic in Denver, but I don't see him throwing it around as much with Matt Forte in the backfield. I also don't like his targets as much as the unbelievable Eddie Royal and the decent Brandon Marshall. In his first preseason game he looked rough, but it might take a bit to warm up. Schaub has been inconsistent at best, but if you think the Texans are going to win 12 games this year (like JJ does) then this might be a great pick. I don't.
Jay Cutler- 3
Matt Schaub- 3
Score= 3

4th. Strictly 80s Giants
Big Tom was the first non-QB keeper to select a thrower in the draft. He went with Philip Rivers at the beginning of the third round. I don't like Rivers' schedule, but love his situation. Don't think the Chargers defense or running will be great again, which makes way for a lot of throwing in San Diego. As his back up Big Tom went with the great upside of Carson Palmer. If he gets back to where he was when I owned him in our first season, he'll be in good shape.
Philip Rivers- 4
Carson Palmer- 2
Score= 3

3rd. Patriots Worldwide
The first mention of one of our keepers. Brady kept Brady. Confident in Loser Brady's abilities, Cool Brady waited a long time to pick his second QB, which ended up being Matt Hasselbeck. For insurance purposes, Braids took another quarterback in the last round. Too bad it was Kyle Orton, because he looked God awful in his first preseason game. I will admit that Loser Brady showed promise in the preseason game against the Eagles. Maybe he won't be as terrible at quarterback this year as he was an actor on Entourage last week.
Tom Brady- 5
Matt Hasselbeck- 1
Kyle Orton- 0
Score= 3

2nd. Your Viking High!
The top quarterback heading into the draft, Drew Brees, is the only thing keeping Jon the bon's team together. So why is he offering him to me in trades left and right? I like the Saints to not only have another high powered offensive season, but to win their division behind Brees's arm. After the first run on quarterback went during the draft, Jon the bon missed the boat on his boy McNabb. He settled on Matt Ryan, which he wasn't happy about. I wouldn't be either, he's getting a bit two hyped.
Drew Brees- 5
Matt Ryan- 2
Score= 3.5

1st. Bengals and Hoes
What Pack lacks in running back and wide receiver quality, he makes up for in quarterbacks. He held onto Peyton Manning for the fourth straight year, and he should have a big bounce back year. Last year, with an early injury, Peyton still ended up as a top eight QB. To put the icing on the cake, Pack stole Aaron Rodgers from those of us who hadn't even picked a quarterback yet. I don't like Rodgers' schedule this year, but he should throw the ball a ton with their poor defense and Ryan Grant as their running game.
Peyton Manning- 5
Aaron Rodgers- 4
Score= 4.5

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  1. Aaron Rodgers has a great supporting offense, and I think Ryan Grant will return to his 2007 form.

    I'm buying Aaron Rodgers for $7.95 on the NFL Sports Market.

    Who would you buy?