Sunday, August 30, 2009

CW Fall Preview

What we're excited for from The CW this fall.

View the entire fall lineup with recommendations here.

Gossip Girl
Hardly any of the characters are sweet and the story lines could be a lot tighter, but there is always enough drama on Gossip Girl to make it a good prime time soap. After a second season finale in which the voice of Kristen Bell got all of the main characters together and told them they were all Gossip Girl, we will now gear up for a third season where they all (or most) head off to college. Post-high school dramas can sometimes be made or broken after graduation, but since GG never spent much time in the classroom, I don't see many changes happening this season.

One Tree Hill
Finally! The loss of Chad Michael Murray and Hillarie Burton from the One Tree Hill cast has been a long time coming. Lucas could be dealt with, but Peyton was always one my least favorite characters on television. If this means more Nathan, Haley, Julian and Brooke, I will be very happy. Apparently, with Luke and Peyton leaving, they will do another time jump. Not of the five year variety, like last time, but I have heard a year or two. I liked the time jump last time, so I'm looking forward to seeing all of the changes that happened this time.

After struggling through the first half of its inaugural season, the new 90210 started to turn itself around and came into its own down the stretch. As I've mentioned before, the link to the original Beverly Hills, 90210 brings the new version up a few notches, and without that link, I wouldn't have been watching it through the first 6 to 8 episodes. When we last left the Southern Cal crowd, Annie had hit someone with her car and there was a bit of a love triangle between Dixon, Silver and Ethan. The bad news is that Dustin Milligan's Ethan will no longer be on the show. The good news ist that Kelly Taylor will definitely back in the swing of things.

Melrose Place
The new 90210 did so well, wait did it? Anyway, The CW decided to bring back another 90s primetime soap classic, Melrose Place. Because I didn't watch any of the original, I'm not as excited for the start of this redux, but I'm still looking forward to it. The promo video spotlights a ton of drama. The problem to me is that none of the girls are that appealing. I hope the dudes step to the plate. I may be making this up, but I believe Michael from the original Melrose will be back in primetime. And that reminds me of an unbelievable Jerry Seinfeld quote. As the Melrose Place opening music plays and he just finished going through a lie detector sequence in which he tried to deny that he watched the show, he exclaims "Oh that Michael, he's so smug."

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