Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Through the Looking Glass" Award - Action Episode

The "Through the Looking Glass" Award for Best Action Episode
2010: "The End" (Lost, 616)
2011: "Full Measure" (Breaking Bad, 313)
2012: "Blackwater" (Game of Thrones, 209)
2013: "Say My Name" (Breaking Bad, 507)
2014: "Ozymandius" (Breaking Bad, 514)
2015: "Hardhome" (Game of Thrones, 508)

2016 Results

10. "Truths Other Than the Ones Your Tell Yourself" (Banshee, 407) 2 points
4th by Brady

9. "Thanksgiving" (Scream Queens, 110) 5 points
3rd by T-time

8. "The Rabbit Hole" (11.22.63, 101) 5 points
1st by Tippy

7. "A Way Out" (The Man in the High Castle, 110) 6 points
2nd by Tyson, Cecil

6. "Seven Minute in Heavne" (Daredevil, 207) 6 points
1st by Lenny

5. "The Day in Question" (11.22.63, 110) 11 points
1st by Loose, Jack

4. "Pilot" (Mad Dogs, 101) 12 points
1st by T-time

3. "The Castle" (Fargo, 209) 13 points
1st by Cecil

2. "Descenso" (Narcos, 101) 17 points
1st by Rizzo

1. "The Door" (Game of Thrones, 605) 29 points
1st by Larry, Jaydon, Tyson, Marsh, Brady

This is the second straight win and third overall for Game of Thrones for best episode, tying Breaking Bad for the most wins in the category.  Thrones has now won 14 overall awards at the Poolies.

Winners' Breakdown
1st: Larry, Jaydon, Tyson, Marsh, Brady
2nd: Loose, T-time, Rizzo, Tippy
3rd: Lenny
4th: Cecil
No Vote: Jack, Bonz

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