Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Marissa Cooper Award - Worst in Drama

The Marissa Cooper Award for the Character you love to hate in a Drama
2009: Jason Street (Friday Night Lights)
2010: Ashley (Entourage)
2011: Kurt Hummel (Glee)
2012: Kurt Hummel (Glee)
2013: Hannah Horvath (Girls)
2014: Maggie Jordan (The Newsroom)
2015: Hannah Horvath (Girls)

2016 Results

10. Sam Healy (Orange is the New Black) 6 points
2nd by Lenny

9. Scarlett O'Connor (Nashville) 6 points
2nd by Larry, Tyson

8. Whitney Solloway (The Affair) 8 points
2nd by Jack

7. Brett Pierson (Togetherness) 8 points
2nd by Loose

6. Debbie Gallagher (Shameless) 10 points
2nd by Cecil

5. Patti Levin (The Leftovers) 15 points
1st by Larry, Rizzo, Tippy

4. Desi Harperin (Girls) 15 points
1st Jaydon

3. Chuck McGill (Better Call Saul) 20 points
1st by Lenny, Cecil

2. Chris Darden (People vs. O.J. Simpson) 20 points
1st by Jack, T-time

1. Hannah Horvath (Girls) 21 points
1st by Loose, Tyson, Bonz, Brady

This is Hannah Horvath's second straight win and third overall for the character you love to hate in a drama.  

Winner's Breakdown
1st: Loose, Tyson, Bonz, Brady
4th: Jaydon
No Vote: Jack, T-time, Larry, Marsh, Lenny, Cecil, Rizzo, Tippy

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