Saturday, June 18, 2016

Louis and Twitty Award - Best Buds

The Louis and Twitty Award for Best Buds
2011: Troy and Abed (Community)
2012: Phil and Luke (Modern Family)
2013: Mac and Dennis (It's Always Sunny)
2014: Tyrion and Jaime (Game of Thrones)
2015: Gilfoyle and Dinesh (Silicon Valley)

2016 Results

10. Colt and Rooster (Silicon Valley) 1 point
5th by Loose

9. Jessica and Trish (Jessica Jones) 3 points
3rd by Lenny

8. Ilana and Abbi (Broad City) 6 points
1st by Jaydon

7. Galavant and Richard (Galavant) 8 points
1st by Jack

6. Marisa and Flaca (Orange is the New Black) 11 points
1st by T-time

5. Jake and Charles (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) 12 points
2nd by Tyson

4. Ryan and Keith (Kingdom) 12 points
1st by Brady

3. Scot and Jason (Survivor) 16 points
1st by Tippy

2. Hitchcock and Scully (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) 23 points
1st by Loose, Rizzo

1. Gilfoyle and Dinesh (Silicon Valley) 25 points
1st by Larry, Tyson, Marsh, Bonz, Lenny, Cecil

This is the second win in a row for the Silicon Valley duo, which marks the first second-time winner in the category. It's the third win overall for the HBO comedy.

Winners' Breakdown
1st: Larry, Tyson, Marsh, Bonz, Lenny, Cecil
2nd: Brady
3rd: Jaydon
No Votes: Loose, Jack, T-time, Rizzo, Tippy

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