Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekly Comedy Rankings- The Toolman's Tops

After a week off for the Thanksgiving break, the Weekly Comedy Rankings are back. The Top Five of the Week, on the other hand, has not made its way back. I am behind on too many shows to give an honest opinion on what the best non-comedy episodes of the week were this time around.

1. Last Man Standing
2. It's Always Sunny
3. Community
4. The League
5. Parks and Rec
6. The Office
7. New Girl
8. Bored to Death
9. Family Guy
10. I Hate My Teenage Daughter

No single aspect of a show gave me as many laughs as Tim Allen's character on this week's Last Man Standing. The fact that his daughters' side plot wasn't good at all wasn't enough to drop it from the top spot this one time. Sunny and Community had decent weeks, and The League was better than what it has been putting forward this season, but the rest of the output was pretty pathetic.

I gave Allen's Mike Baxter my MVP, and the red-headed mom from Teenage Daughter my LVP. This one lived up to the billing of being awful. Unlike LMS, which critics also hated, Teenage Daughter has no actor I have confidence in to keep the series watchable. That red-headed woman, specifically, had me wanting to kill myself as I sat through the one pity episode I'm giving Teenage Daughter.

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