Sunday, December 25, 2011

Top 11 of '11- Best Shows

Since I am now a legit television critic, as my exclusive interview with huge Chuck star Scott Krinsky proves, I figured I should bear down and do what every tv critic does at the end of the calendar year...Make a "best of the year list." However, since I am a list-maker extraordinaire, I will be doing five lists as 2011 winds down this December. I’ve already posted The Best New Shows, The Worst Shows, The Best Episodes, and the Best Performances of the year. Finally, here are The Best Shows of the year in what I call the Top 11 of ‘11.
These are my favorite shows over the course of 2011. I had a very difficult time working this category down so I ended up with a tie at the 11 spot.

Tie 11. The Vampire Diaries

Tie 11. Chuck

10. Sons of Anarchy

9. The Office

8. Curb Your Enthusiasm

7. Happy Endings

6. Breaking Bad

5. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

4. Community

3. Game of Thrones

2. Homeland

1. Justified

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