Saturday, December 24, 2011

Top 11 of '11- Best Performances

Since I am now a legit television critic, as my exclusive interview with huge Chuck star Scott Krinsky proves, I figured I should bear down and do what every tv critic does at the end of the calendar year…Make a "best of the year list." However, since I am a list-maker extraordinaire, I will be doing five lists as 2011 winds down this December. I’ve already posted The Best New Shows, The Worst Shows, and The Best Episodes of the year. The Best Shows will soon follow, but up next is The Best Performances in what I call the Top 11 of '11.
These are my favorite performances, acting or otherwise, over the course of 2011. Like in the episodes category, I decided not to put multiple actors from the same series on the list. If that was the case, there definitely would have been multiple from a couple of shows, leaving less room for recognition.

11. Larry David - Curb Your Enthusiasm

10. Rob Mariano - Survivor

9. Michael Pitt - Boardwalk Empire

8. Adam Pally - Happy Endings

7. Peter Dinklage - Game of Thrones

6. Donald Glover - Community

5. Margo Martindale - Justified

4. Jason Gann - Wilfred

3. Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad

2. Steve Carrell - The Office

1. Claire Danes - Homeland

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