Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chuck 505 Review- Hammered Hacking

Chuck- "Do you remember why we started Carmichael Industries to begin with?"
Morgan- "The corporate discount on the pinball machine right?"
In "Chuck Versus the Hack Off" two characters felt like they were getting sucked back into something they had tried desperately to get away from in the first place. Chuckles didn't like getting back into the business of working for manipulative CIA head honchos, and Radzinsky* was deathly afraid of getting back into the evil tech device game.

*The character played by Eric Lange was not important enough to be referred to by anything but Radzinsky...the actor's character on Lost.

Thankfully, it looks like neither character will have to deal with such issues ever again. Radzinsky will likely head back to his naked yoga cult in the woods, while Chuck will never have to take another order from the likes of Decker...unless technology advances to the point that a man can get blown back together by a reverse bomb.

Stepping back to the here and now, "The Hack Off" was a great hour on its own, but was an even better example of how Chuck is killing it to start its final season. Fedak, Schwartz and company have weaved the long-running arcs of these characters' end games with funny, action-packed, interesting episodic stories pretty darn perfectly over the first five episodes.
To read the rest of my review of last night's Chuck, head over to TV Fanatic.

Chuck 505 - "Chuck vs. the Hack Off"

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