Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekly Comedy Rankings- Ronny the Rat

It was extremely hard to rank episodes two through nine for me, as all were good but not great. This will be the last rankings for a while as both NBC Thursdays and ABC Wednesdays are done for 2011. The Weekly Comedy Rankings will be back in full force come 2012.

1. Community
2. The Office
3. It's Always Sunny
4. Parks and Rec
5. The League
6. Happy Endings
7. New Girl
8. Mod Family
9. Suburgatory
10. Last Man Standing
11. Family Guy
12. Rules of Engagement

I gave my MVP to Charlie Kelly, who was fantastic in every moment that he was infatuated with that cool guy at the reunion. He's having a great season, and may have passed Dennis for MVP of It's Always Sunny with this episode. My funniest moment also came from Sunny. When they revealed that Mac's real name is Ronald McDonald, I absolutely lost it. I couldn't think of a name that would have worked and would have been funnier than that. Bravo.

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