Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chuck 506 Review- Awesome Short Cunnings

Sarah- "Ellie must have used your open table account."
Chuck- "She always does. She knows I love the points!"
Mr. and Mrs. Awesome, as I affectionately refer to Devon and Ellie Woodcomb, were responsible for a majority of what worked so well for "Chuck Versus the Curse."

The episode was good on the whole, but if you were to take out everything dealing with the Awesomes, most of the hour would have felt either lacking or repetitive.

Nothing Chuck, Sarah, Casey or Morgan did ever materialized into something interesting or even all that entertaining. Each one had its moments, of course, like Beckman drinking straight from the bottle, or Casey and Sarah killing every bad guy in the place once they got the power off for good, but none of it ever came together for a moment that was worth pulling the camera off of Ryan McPartlin and Sarah Lancaster.

As for the new antagonist, I just have to shake my head. I thought it was awesome that Chuck was willing to kill off what I figured to be the big bad of the final season in episode five. If I had known Decker was just going to be replaced in the next episode by a female version of himself doing the exact same job, I would have thought it better to just keep Decker around.
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Chuck 506 - "Chuck vs. the Curse"

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