Thursday, December 15, 2011

Survivor Week 15- Are You At Peace?

Probst- "Brandon, are you at piece?"
Brandon- "No sir."

That moment - that sullen, emotional moment - was exactly the type of behavior that turned Brandon Hantz from a loathsome, irritating contestant, into an interesting character that became really fun to watch.

The kid is genuine, and that is difficult to find on reality some times. He's genuinely emotional. He's genuinely religious. And he's genuinely stupid. That last fact made for an extremely exciting tribal council.

He's loyal. I get that. And like his former "gang" members, Albert used Brandon's loyalty to get ahead, taking his immunity necklace and not giving it back when it was ever so apparent that the kid was in trouble at council.

Bravo to Albert, who acknowledged earlier in the episode that loyalty and honor meant nothing to him in the game of Survivor. He did what he had to in order to survive out here. He played up his religious beliefs, which I assume were exaggerated by a million so that Brandon would save him.

While all of the religious aspects of this season have had their way of wearing on me at times, they have also been a constant source of laughter. Coach told Brandon that he was going to pray, and that whoever God told him to vote for, would be the name he would write down. That is all well and good, but Coach Wade is such a phony that I don't believe a word he's saying.

He was never this religious before this season, which only makes it more apparent that he's playing a new character for the cameras. I'm still enjoying this character, but sometimes the genuine foolishness of Brandon is more entertaining than the artificial foolishness of Coach.

I don't know what any of these contestants are thinking anyway. God does not have the time to tell them who to vote for in this silly game of Survivor. Don't they know he has too much on his plate in making sure little Timmy Tebow and the Broncos win every NFL football game for the rest of time.

Having said that, Brandon did have himself a bit of a Tebow moment in the immunity challenge. The chips were down, he had won nearly no competitions to this point in the season, but when it counted he came through in the clutch. If God helped him win that challenge, it's a shame he made Brandon look so foolish when he gave up his immunity and got voted the eff off the island.

That was just a crazy tribal. I only started watching Survivor in 2008 so I'm not sure if this was a first, but he gave up his individual immunity to save another and got sent home?!?! Unheard of. I can see it with a hidden idol, but not the immunity necklace. When you win that thing, you hang onto it.

A Few Other Notes

- When will Survivor get rid of Redemption Island Duels...because they are no longer duels. Even though Ozzy won again this week, he was playing one against six in that challenge. That's not fair at all.

- Coach is losing it. Brandon came up to talk to him and Albert, and Ben Wade freaked out. He started calling out Brandon for bullying!?! How dare you talk to him like that, comparing him to the evil Russell Hantz. Interrupting conversations is what Survivor is about. I would like taking him to the end, he's going to blow up in front of the jury.

- When will people learn that you don't keep the lie going once people find out about it. When Brandon called Albert out for what he said to Rick, he should have quietly said "Of course I told Rick that. What am I supposed to tell him that we're voting him out soon? I have to let him think he's okay so that you and me can go to the end." Boom. Done and done.

Champions League


Brandon +470: Immunity (+20), Idol Misuse (-10), Votes (-12)= +468
Rick +423: W15 (+106)= +529
Christine +13
Dawn +151

Last Week +1,057: Team Total= +1,161


Ozzy +42: Duel Win (+10)= +52
Whitney +165
Cochran +242
Edna +337: Duel Loss (-10)= +327

Last Week +786: Team Total= +786


Albert +459: W15 (+106)= +565
Mikayla -7
Jim +69
Semhar -43

Last Week +478: Team Total= +584


Coach +485: W15 (+106)= +591
Elyse -142
Keith -89
Mark -173

Last Week +81: Team Total= +187

Free Agents
Sophie +545: Votes (-8), W15 (+106)= +643
Stacey -27

Developmental League


Albert: W15 (+106)= +106
Coach: W15 (+106)= +106
Edna: Duel Loss (-10)= -10

Week 15= +202, Team Total= +1,872


Ozzy: Duel Win (+10)= +10
Sophie: Votes (-8), W15 (+106)= +98

Weeks 15= +108, Team Total= +1,065


Rick: W15 (+106)= +106

Weeks 15= +106, Team Total= +820


Brandon: Immunity (+20), Idol Misuse (-10), Votes (-12)= -2

Weeks 15= -2, Team Total= +680

Free Agents

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