Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top 11 of '11- Worst Shows

Since I am now a legit television critic, as my exclusive interview with huge Chuck star Scott Krinsky proves, I figured I should bear down and do what every tv critic does at the end of the calendar year…Make a "best of the year list." However, since I am a list-maker extraordinaire, I will be doing five lists as 2011 winds down this December. I’ve already posted The Best New Shows, and The Best Shows, The Best Performances, and The Best Episodes will soon follow, but next up is The Worst Shows in what I call the Top 11 of '11.
These are all series in which I watched at least one episode of this year. I try to attempt to view at least one episode of every new show, but sometimes I know that they will be so bad that they don’t even get a pity watch from me. These 11 series either were so bad upon one viewing that I felt they deserved a mention, or I continued to watch for a number of episodes, hating myself more and more every time I turned the show on.

11. Charlie's Angels

10. Hung

9. V

8. Ringer

7. Glee

6. Terra Nova

5. I Hate My Teenage Daughter

4. America's Got Talent

3. Whitney

2. Louie

1. The Killing

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