Sunday, July 16, 2017

"The Dealership" Award - Comedy Episode

"The Dealership" Award for Best Episode in a Comedy Series
2010: "The Table Read" (Curb Your Enthusiasm, 709)
2011: "Threat Level Midnight" (The Office, 716)
2012: "Palestinian Chicken" (Curb Your Enthusiasm, 803)
2013: "The Cereal Defense" (It's Always Sunny, 810)
2014: "The Gang Breaks Dee" (It's Always Sunny, 901)
2015: "Charlie Work" (It's Always Sunny, 1005)
2016: "Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs" (It's Always Sunny, 1105)

2017 Results

10. "Cryogenics; Lightning; Last Review" (Review, 302) 1 point
5th by Jack

9. "The Godfriender" (Making History, 106) 1 point
5th by Loose

8. "Globesmen" (Documentary Now!, 104) 3 points
3rd by Jaydon

7. "The Bank Job" (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 421) 6 points
2nd by Larry

6. "Co-Host; Ass-Slap; Helen Keller; Forgiveness" (Review, 302) 8 points
2nd by T-time

5. "Michael's Gambit" (The Good Place, 113) 10 points
2nd by Jaydon

4. "Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy" (It's Always Sunny, 1203) 19 points
2nd by Bonz, Brady, Rizzo

3. "Hero or a Hate Crime" (It's Always Sunny, 1206) 29 points
1st by Larry, Jaydon, Cecil

2. "The Gang Turns Black" (It's Always Sunny, 1201) 32 points
1st by Loose, T-time, Tyson, Tippy

1. "The Gang Goes to a Water Park" (It's Always Sunny, 1202) 36 points
1st by Jack, Bonz, Brady, Rizzo

This is the fifth straight win in the category for It's Always Sunny.

Winners' Breakdown
1st: Jack, Bonz, Brady, Rizzo
2nd: Loose, Cecil, Tippy
3rd: Tyson
4th: T-time, Larry
5th: Jaydon
No Votes: Marsh, Lenny

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