Saturday, July 8, 2017

Terry Fator Award - Male in Reality

The Terry Fator Award for Best Male Contestant in a Reality Competition
2009: Dan Gheesling (Big Brother)
2010: Russell Hantz (Survivor)
2011: Rob Mariano (Survivor)
2012: Coach Wade (Survivor)
2013: John Cochran (Survivor)
2014: Tony Vlachos (Survivor)
2015: Mike Holloway (Survivor)
2016: John McGuire (Big Brother)

2017 Results

10. Ken McNickle (Survivor) 5 points
2nd by Tippy

9. Wes Bergmann (The Challenge) 5 points
2nd by Tyson

8. Jay Starret (Survivor) 7 points
1st by T-time

7. Brad Culpepper (Survivor) 7 points
1st by Tippy

6. Frank Eudy (Big Brother) 11 points
1st by Jack

5. Johnny Bananas (The Challenge) 12 points
1st by Jaydon

4. CT Tamubrello (The Challenge) 13 points
1st by Tyson, Rizzo

3. James Huling (Big Brother) 14 points
1st by Larry, Marsh

2. Paul Abrahamian (Big Brother) 14 points
2nd by Jack, Marsh

1. Victor Arroyo (Big Brother) 15 points
1st by Loose

This is the third win for Big Brother in the category and the second straight victory. Big Brother and Survivor are the only two series to win the Terry Fator Award. 

Winners' Breakdown
1st: Loose
2nd: T-time
3rd: Jack, Jaydon
No Votes: Tyson, Bonz, Brady, Lenny, Cecil, Rizzo, Tippy

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