Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Voice 306 Review - That's a Good Looking Dude

The teams are almost filled, which means it's almost time for the blind auditions to end on The Voice. As interesting as this format is, and as much as I enjoy a good sob story, I will be glad to move on to the next round of this season. These auditions get tiring.

What never gets tiring is Carson's excitement back stage, Blake's self-deprecating sense of humor and Adam's ability to persuade contestants to his team. As always, there was plenty of all three on Monday's episode, so let's see how it all played out...

Team Blake
Monday: 5-for-6, Total: 12-for-27 (44%)

Although Carson led the viewers to believe that Blake was just being selective up to this point in the competition, we all know that he just hasn't been able to reel in the singers, only succeeding 33% of time before this week. Monday was a completely different story as the country crooner went 5-for-6, picking up a wealth of talent for his squad.
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