Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Voice 302 Review - Tranquil Aquile

It was a short and sweet version of The Voice on Tuesday's second night of blind auditions. We saw only six performances during the hour, and I think I preferred that to the sometimes dragging two-hour version.

There was talk of a Harry Potter/Justin Bieber hybrid, Blake hanging championship banners in the arena and of course a couple of exciting performances during the episode. Let's take a look at how it all went down...

Team Xtina
Current Members: De'Borah, Devyn Deloera

Christina Aguilera picked up the first team member of the night, winning over 22-year-old bartender Adriana Louise after Louise won over all four of the coaches with "Domino." This was probably the most surprising event of the night, as I did not think this was all that special of a performance. The vocal sounded pretty pedestrian, and then there were some bum notes, so I'd be happy if I were one of the other three superstars.
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