Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Voice 303 Review - Moonwalk This Way

The first week of The Voice blind auditions has come to an end, and CeeLo continues to get overlooked by the aspiring singers. Hey, he did a heck of a job with Juliet Simms last season so I don't know what these contestants are so hesitant about.

Other than Mr. Green's failure to land team members, I took to major things away from Wednesday night's installment:

  1. I know some contestants take into account who turns around first when making their decision, but it isn't the only thing on their mind when deciding on a coach.  Please stop going on and on about how you were the first one to turn. They can see who turned around first, so spend that time pitching your passion for them instead of wasting it on a reminder that you hit your button before the other coaches.
  2. Carson Daly either still gets really excited about every single blind audition, or he's good at pretending to act like a little school girl back stage.  It was most noticeable when the first coach turned around for Nelly's Echo and with how closely he was watching the beginning of Nicole Nelson's performance. He's into it!
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