Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Voice 304 Review - Cupid Kerfuffle

On the heels of news that Usher and Shakira will be replacing Xtina and Cee Lo on this spring's fourth season of The Voice - as the latter two take a hiatus for other projects - the Blind Auditions continued on Monday, showcasing plenty of talent that will vie for positions in this year's live shows.

Like always, there were a few featured artists who didn't make the cut on Monday. The most interesting was Cupid. Yes, that Cupid. The man who made the "Cupid Shuffle" tried out for The Voice and failed to turn around a single chair.

He came on the show to prove to everyone that he was more than just his pop phenomenon line dancing song. I get that. He wants to prove he has a voice, something that wasn't really showcased in his signature track. So what song did he choose to sing for his audition?

"Cupid Shuffle." What?!?!?! I could not believe it when I heard him say it. Was this seriously happening? It's a shame, though, because just judging by his performance, it sounded like he had a good voice. It's too bad he wasn't singing a song that gave the coaches an inkling of an idea about what this guy's talent level may or may not have actually been.
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