Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Voice 305 Review - Benji Thang

We have come to the point in the The Voice's third season when the blind auditions should be tiresome and we just want to move on to the next round already. Fortunately for the good people at NBC, Blake Shelton is single-handedly making that impossible.

Although he didn't land a single contestant on his team on Tuesday, Blake was on fire all night long. Between his comments about Christina being abusive to her team members and making 10 artists quit the business just after meeting her, and then his remark about Benji not sounding like Adam because of his lack of jack assery, I couldn't have been more pleased with Mr. Shelton's performance.

Team Blake
Tuesday: 0-for-4, Total: 7-for-21 (33%)

Even though his comic stylings were on point, his ability to woo prospective team members was way off, losing out to all the other coaches, including a couple of one-on-one battles against Xtina and Cee Lo. By the end of the episode he even noted that he's going to need to try harder to garner more contestants from this point forward.
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