Friday, September 25, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

Modern Family
Decent to good series premier. Was that a mocumentary, because I definitely saw some testimonials? Ed O'Neil was great and Ty Burrell might have been better as the trying to be cool dad that can't be mean to his kids. Ed O'Neil's stepson was also very impressive in this first episode. It doesn't seem like there will be that many laugh out loud parts, but it does have a good start for me.

I wasn't that impressed with this show at first, but it has a pretty good mix of drama and flat out comedy. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of awful parts and terrible characters, but it's growing on me. The best from this week's episode was the football game. The whole team doing Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' dance at the line of scrimmage was unbelievable. I've never actually seen the original Beyonce video, but I have now have two great experiences with the song and dance. This latest Glee moment and the recreation by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg for SNL last year.

Mike O'Malley as Kurt's dad was fantastic and I truly enjoyed the interaction between the two when Kurt came out to him. Finally, Sue Sylvester was awesome as usual. My favorite line of hers was when she was giving her final news cast and said that sometimes she sees homeless people and yells, "Hey how's that homelessness working out for you? Why don't u give not being homeless a try?" Unbelievable.

Gary Unmarried
I still feel like this is a show that I shouldn't find that funny, but I continuously do. Jay Mohr's obvious comedy just does it for me. After watching this week's season premier I am a bit worried that the son, Tommy, isn't going to be as good this season as he was last. He's older and I don't think age helped his comedy.

I'm still way up in the air on this one. I think I'm leaning towards dropping it, but witches are kind of sweet. It might depend on whether the main dude stays on as a regular or if it just ends up being the three chicks the entire time. If that's the case I am most likely dropping this like a bad habit.

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