Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday Speculations

Mad Men
In this week's episode I experienced my first laugh out loud moment while watching Mad Men. The show-stopping scene is set up early on in the episode when Ken Cosgrove brings a John Deere lawn-mower into the office to show off the new client he just signed. After the British come and invade Sterling Cooper, rearranging personnel and upsetting most, the whole crew has a going away party for dear Joanie. Some dude is bored and decides to break out the tractor to ride through the office. After he has his fun, one of the secretaries gets on top of this thing and obviously can't control it. She drives it right through the center of the office, taking down everything in her path, including the end of the new British guy's foot. He's screaming in ridiculous pain and I can't stop laughing hysterically. Roger caps the situation off with a fantastic joke. All he said was "just when he got it in the door." Classic.

Sally Draper proved once again this week that she has to be in the conversation for best character on the show. Sure there are your front-runners like Draper and Sterling, but little Sally's attitude and demeanor put her in the Big Three in my opinion. Her hatred for her new baby brother/sadness in missing her late Grandpa was absolutely fantastic in this week's episode.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Everyone should be glad LD is back on tv (unless you don't have the means to watch HBO shows). The way Larry can find the problem with every little thing people do is extraordinary. My two favorite instances from this week's season premier were how warm to keep the house and going into other people's refrigerators.
LD's thought: Larry likes to sleep at a cool temperature, right around 68.
Other Curbers: Loretta Black, his new girlfriend, enjoys it nice and warm, at 75. LD decides to call in her brother, Leon, to help with a compromise. Leon immediately flips out because he likes it at 82 degrees!
Quiet Pool Perspective: I essentially am on the same page with LD, but can go anywhere from 67-70 on a normal basis. The difference is that I feel it depends on the season and the outside temperature. In the summer I prefer the low end, so 67, while in the winter I prefer the high end of the range, about 70. When it is hot outside and you come in the house, I like to get cooled down. During the winter, and I'm freezing outside in New England, I like to come into a warm home. I think it makes perfect sense.
LD's thought: As usual, Larry takes a stand. He feels that no one should go into someone else's refrigerator.
Other Curbers: Dr. Schaffer finds it fine to go into LD's fridge and take a lemonade and Funkhouser agrees with him. Funkhouser's explanation at the dinner party that liquids are okay, but actual food is a no go was classic.
Quiet Pool Perspective: To me it all depends on the relationship between the parties and how the fridge raider goes about his/her business. Let's use the Forcella residence as an example. Early on in the friendship, The Bonz or Jon the bon would either ask if we had anything to drink or simply wait to be offered something. After six years of coming over the house (obvious pop-in territory), there is no problem with taking anything from the fridge, freezer or pantry without saying a peep. Now when someone else that is new to what you may call a friendship never asks, goes into your fridge from day one and takes what they want, then you have a problem. Coming over to the house for 10 minutes, grabbing a piece of pie and stuffing your pockets with Capri-Suns for the road is not okay to do.

I've said it before that having an easy to hate character on a show can be a positive attribute, but when you couple that terrible person with an even worse character, you just start getting the viewers angry. Sure I can't stand E, but it used to be all in good fun, because Johnny, Ari, Vinny and Turtle would just make fun of him all the time and the good would outweigh the bad. This season the problem began when they had E go out with Ashley, who is in the running for worst character of the year. The storyline makes me want to throw up and it takes away from the good parts they used to have on this show.


  1. I'm for negative 10 as far as temp goes, year round.

  2. That is the truth...why do you leave the windows open during the winter?

  3. So I can pull the blanket over my head of course.