Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Brother- Championship

Wow! Jordan, the sweet but dumb waitress from North Carolina, won this season of Big Brother. This is only the third season I've watched in full, but this is still utterly surprising. Don't get me wrong, once it was down to her and Make Me Nauseous Natalie, I would've rather seen the Red Sox win another World Series than this disgusting, annoying girl win Big Brother.

That being said, how did Jordan win? She made no strategic moves during the game. She won no competitions until the very end. She had only one alliance, and it was a shomance with one of the big targets in the game (couples tend to go out early in Big Brother, because no one likes that they're playing together). When it came down to the final questioning from the jury, she didn't make any good points and ended up rambling and repeating herself more often than not. Would I have rather seen Russell, Jeff or Kevin win the game? Yes. But I'm not mad that the nicest player in the game got rewarded for it.

Final week highlights...

Natalie about Michelle- "Every time I hear her voice, I will boil up inside."
---That's how you make everyone in America feel everytime you speak!

Kevin, while in the diary room, explains why if he wins the final HoH he will get rid of Natalie- "My word means nothing in this game. I'm booting her outta here."
---This is what I'm talking about. At least someone understands that your word doesn't mean a thing in this game. One reason I was sad that he didn't win.

After Michelle tells the rest of the jury that Natalie got engaged to her boyfriend-
Jeff- "How's her boyfriend? Is he a tool?"
Lydia- "I love you for that." (goes for the high five)
Jeff- "I don't need a high five for bashing somebody...but reallly is he?"

---Just great comedic timing.

Jordan makes her one and only great move of the game, because she's smart enough to actually think about how the jury might vote. She understood that the jury would most likely vote for Kevin over her because he was a better game player and won more competitions. She thought she had a better shot against Natalie because she won more than her. And in my mind that's why she won the game.

Fantasy results

1st. Pizza Eaters (Mags)
Jordan- Comp2 (10), HoH (12), W11 (56), W12 (67)= 145
Natalie- Bow Out (-10), W11 (56)= 46
Weeks 11 and 12= 191
Total= 527

2nd. The Babysharks (The Kid)
Kevin- Comp1 (10), Votes (-3)= 7
Weeks 11 and 12= 7
Total= 308

3rd. Plate Boys (Lar)
Weeks 11 and 12= 0
Total= 294

4th. Gaydon's Misery (Jaydon)
Weeks 11 and 12= 0
Total= -34