Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL Predictions

The NFL Season begins tonight with Pittsburgh taking on Tennessee. Here are my predictions for the upcoming season.

AFC Regular Season

Patriots- 13-3
Bills- 6-10
Dolphins- 4-12
Jets- 3-13

Chargers- 14-2
Raiders- 7-9
Chiefs- 2-14
Broncos- 1-15

Steelers- 15-1
Ravens- 9-7
Bengals- 7-9
Browns- 4-12

Colts- 14-2
Texans- 11-5
Titans- 9-7
Jaguars- 8-8

NFC Regular Season

Eagles- 12-4
Giants- 11-5
Cowboys- 10-6
Redskins- 8-8

49ers- 9-7
Cardinals- 9-7
Seahawks- 4-12
Rams- 2-14

Packers- 11-5
Bears- 10-6
Vikings- 9-7
Lions- 3-13

Saints- 11-5
Falcons- 10-6
Panthers- 8-8
Buccaneers- 2-14

AFC Playoffs

(3) Chargers over (6) Titans
(4) Patriots over (5) Texans

(1) Steelers over (4) Patriots
(2) Colts over (3) Chargers

(2) Colts over (1) Steelers

NFC Playoffs

(3) Packers over (6) Bears
(5) Giants over (4) 49ers

(1) Eagles over (5) Giants
(3) Packers over (2) Saints

(3) Packers over (1) Eagles

Super Bowl

Indianapolis Colts over Green Bay Packers


  1. this is an absolutely ridiculous post. do you honestly believe the colts will go 14-2 and win the super bowl? broncos and chiefs a combined 3 wins, cowboys win 10? now that im in 1st place in bb fantasy i demand you revise this

  2. Is this real? I guess nobody can say that you didn't take chances, for that I give you props. I'm making my top 25 college picks right now feel free to come check it out, you know where I'm at.

    Ps your due back in the city soon


  3. Mags- Of course I'm going to give the nod to my Colts. The records I realize are kind of ridiculous. All the good teams' records are too high, and the bad teams are too low, but I feel it emphasizes how good/bad I think these teams will be.

    I don't think Cowboys winning 10 is that ridiculous. My Raider bias might have gotten the best of me in the AFC West.

  4. Rizz- show me your picks. Let's see what you got big guy. I'll def be in the city soon.

  5. I don't see how the Titans are going to go 9-7 while the Steelers, who they are marginally better than, will go 15-1.

  6. well if i had done this after last night's game, and saw the steelers scrape by the titans, i wouldn't have put the 15-1 would i? Dig!