Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Brother- Week 10

Natalie continues to be the worst human being on the face of the Earth. Let's begin with what happened after she saw that there was another pandora's box door in her HoH room. She saw that it was her boyfriend behind the door and decided to give up her opportunity to play in the PoV competition so that she could converse with her boyfriend for five minutes. Is this a joke?!? What is wrong with people on this show?? Why do contestants on this show find it necessary to see their family, receive phone calls, and read letters from them, when they know it will hinder their play in the game? I like my family as much as anybody I know, and if I ever chose to see them (after only being away from them for two months) instead of benefiting my chances in the game, I would be completely embarrassed and disappointed in myself.

Back to Natalie and her terribleness. How does this so called 'boyfriend' like this chick? She is terrible. He makes a truly exciting and some may say romantic gesture by proposing to her on National television, and she acts more dull and robotic as ever! Does she actually like this dude? It didn't seem like, but that might just be because she has the worst personality ever.

After her sit-down with her now fiance, Natalie quickly decides to make up a lie to her fellow houseguests, so that they won't know she benefited from going into pandora's box. She claims that she is such a great liar and is a poker player so this would be easy. She's really good at showing others a hand that she doesn't have. What?!?! This is a complete joke! She is the worst liar (besides maybe Ronnie) that I have ever seen. She comes up with the worst explanation about what she now has to endure because she opened the door. Not only does her lie not make sense, but she sounds so unsure of herself as she tells it. Kevin immediately picks up on it, tells the diary room, and then calls Natalie out on her lie. She's a poker player? She probably plays cards like Topher Grace in Ocean's Eleven...."All redsssss."

After winning the all important PoV, even though Michelle gave him plenty of reasons to keep her in the house, Kevin evicted Michelle on Tuesday night. I thought this was a bad move by Kevin because Michelle isn't liked by anyone in the jury house and therefore he would be able to beat her in the final. If she wins the final HoH, she's more likely to bring Kevin with her, than Natalie (who has friends Jessie and Lydia, and they might think Chima in the jury).

As Michelle leaves she makes a quality point. Maybe Kevin was thinking that if he took Michelle to the final two, or vice versa, the jury would give her the votes because she played a better, tougher game. This is sometimes the case, and this is the type of logic I'd like to see going through a player's head. But NO! Kevin's thought process is "I didn't know if I could trust her to not betray me." Are you joking?!? Betray you?? What is it with contestants thinking everything on this show is about trust and loyalty? Noone can be absolutely trusted, and there are only three people left! Either Kevin wins the final HoH, or Michelle does and there's, at the least, a 50% chance she takes him with her! She might betray you to take Natalie? Not likely. There are other parts, more important parts, to this game people.

Fantasy results

1st. Pizza Eaters (Mags)
Jordan- W10 (46)= 46
Natalie- W10 (46), HoH (12)= 58
Week 10= 104
Total= 336

2nd. The Babysharks (The Kid)
Kevin- W10 (46), Nom (-5), PoV (15)= 56
Week 10= 56
Total= 301

3rd. Plate Boys (Lar)
Michelle- Nom (-5), Votes (-3)= -8
Week 10= -8
Total= 294

4th. Gaydon's Misery (Jaydon)
Week 10= 0
Total= -34


  1. this season had the largest faction of turrbles that i can recall. ronnie, natalie, chima. goodness gracious. they should join the cast of heroes.

  2. Great dig Jaydon. Although I can accept you hating Heroes for the terrible storylines, do you really hate the characters that much?