Sunday, September 27, 2009

SNL- Megan Fox and U2

What a completely lackluster season premier of Saturday Night Live. I guess when I saw Seth Meyers with his laptop in a private room at the ESPN Zone, he was not working on the show. Instead, he must have been conducting a fantasy football draft, because this premier episode was nothing to write home about. It was something to write on the internet about, but not write home about. As we all know, an SNL ep can only go as far as its host, and Megan Fox isn't funny.

Cold Open- boring.

Peeing Commercial- good idea, not executed that well.

Airplane Scene- this was a good sketch. Funny idea, and of course, Kristen Wiig was at the head of the thing. When she said, "I'm gonna try and sneak you guys some pretzels" I lost it.

Russian Girls- Two good ones in a can only go down from here. Will Forte was great in having a tough time deciding between Megan Fox and Fred Armisen as his wife. It reminded me a lot of the Patrick Swayze/Chris Farley Chip 'n Dales sketch. It is very sad to know that both of the guys from that classic sketch are now gone.

1st Digital Short- What? Not good at all. Pick your game up Akiva.

Burn Up the Bedroom
- Blahh.

U2's 1st Song
- garbage.

Weekend Update
- per the usual, I will make a comment on how Seth Meyers is awful and weekend update is terrible. Now that we got that out of the way, I will now get to the important part of Update, the guests. This week we got two classic recurring characters, Jean K. Jean and Judy Grimes. Both of their shticks are thoroughly enjoyable for me. Kristen Wiig's talent is immeasurable in my opinion. When she just pointed at the chart and said just kidding...unbelievable.

Live Lounge
- not good.

U2's 2nd Song
- better song, but Bono's intensity is insane. Is he serious with this? Maybe if he softened up a bit, I could believe anything he was singing. A little too out of control.

Biker Chick Chat- This is why you don't give someone the lead of a sketch on their first night. F BOMB. What a joke. It would've been one thing if she was actually funny and slipped up, but she was God awful in her first SNL sketch ever, and threw out the F on top of that. Kristen Wiig (obviously) and Megan Fox both destroyed her at this character. It's only her first night, but I don't think I'm gonna like this new girl.

2nd Digital Short- Now we're talking. Quality digital short here. Anytime you combine Andy Samberg, Transformers and The BAG, I am going to love it.

Talking to Megan Fox- What was it again? Kristin Wiig. Decent sketch. Kristen's face after she made a comment was classic.


  1. This was awful. Maybe I'm not privy to a running sketch but what in Christ's various churches was the first digital short about? I didn't get it at all.

    I thought U2 was unintentionally funny. Bono during the second performance was funnier than the entire show.

    I like Wiig the most out of this cast but most of her characters are really too similar. Judy Grimes reminds me of Penelope for example.

    I continue to loathe Kenan. I wish Kel took his place.

    More generally, It's a pretty ridiculous call to have Weekend Update Thursdays and still have it on Saturdays. It also makes me want to spit on a puppy when they say "live from New York, it's Saturday Night" on a mother lovin' Thursday.

  2. agree whole heartedly on most of these counts...

    U2 was hilarious.

    Wiig is similar at times, but I enjoy what she is.

    I don't hate Kenan, but I do love Kel.

    I hate the Thursday/Saturday thing as well. And there is definitely no reason to have update on twice.