Friday, September 18, 2009

Survivor Samoa- Week 1

The previews for this season of Survivor, Survivor Samoa, touted one player as the biggest Survivor villain of all-time. There's only been one episode so far, but white Russell is already living up to the hype. I'm sure I'll be writing about him a lot this season, but after last night's episode, nothing else really stood out.

First off the dude owns an oil company is already rich, so he's not here to win the money. He's here to be the biggest jerk he can be and win the game (sort of a la Evil Dick of Big Bro Season 8). After he helps his newly formed tribe, Foa Foa, win reward, he immediately created four seperate alliances with four girls in his tribe. Three of them he called the dumb girl alliance (the younger girls) and the older lady he was a bit worried about (rightfully so, she has already said she doesn't trust him).

Later that night, while everyone was going to bed in the tent, he told a crazy emotional story about living in New Orleans during Katrina and how his house got flooded and his dog was lost. As a fireman he knew how to deal with the situation. He then procedes to tell the camera that he's not from New Orleans, he's not a fireman, and he's never even owned a dog! This guy is classic!

After he tells the camera that he is the puppet master, he gets up in the middle of the night and drinks/dumps out all of the canteens of his tribe members. He then moves on to a pair of socks and throws them in the fire. He then explains that this is a plan to get everyone mad and it obviously works as the next morning the whole tribe is yelling at each other.

Foa Foa loses the immunity challenge to Galu and soemone from Russell's tribe has to leave that night. Right off the bat everyone, including Russell, want Ashley to leave first because she is the weakest link. Poor Marisa then makes a big mistake. She confronted Russell on why he's been talking to everyone in the tribe individually and she's concerned about their alliance. This is not something you want to say to Russell. He simply goes up to every one in the tribe and tells them that Marisa is the one to send home and sure enough she left camp that night by a vote of 7 to 3.
Fantasy Results

The Technotronics

W. Russell (Foa Foa)-W1 (1), Reward (4)= 5
B. Russell (Galu)- W1 (1), Leader (10), Im (8)= 19
Monica (Galu)- W1 (1), Im (8)= 9
Liz (Foa Foa)- W1 (1), Reward (4)= 5
Natalie (Foa Foa)- W1 (1)= 1
Week 1= 39

Canon Controversy

John (Galu)- W1 (1), Im (8)= 9
Jaison (Foa Foa)- W1 (1), Reward (4)= 5
Mike (Foa Foa)- W1 (1)= 1
Dave (Galu)- W1 (1), Im (8)= 9
Betsy (Foa Foa)- W1 (1)= 1
Week 1= 25

Sweet Niblets

Erik (Galu)-
W1 (1), Im (8)= 9
Ben (Foa Foa)- W1 (1)= 1
Ashley (Foa Foa)- W1 (1), Votes (-12)= -11
Kelly (Galu)- W1 (1), Im (8)= 9
Shambo (Galu)- W1 (1), Im (8)= 9
Week 1= 17

Freecell Makes Me Wanna

Mick (Foa Foa)-
W1 (1), Leader (10)= 11
Brett (Galu)- W1 (1), Im (8)= 9
Marissa (Foa Foa)- Reward (4), Votes (-28)= -24
Laura (Galu)- W1 (1), Im (8)= 9
Yasmin (Galu)- W1 (1), Im (8)= 9
Week 1= 14

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