Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday Tidings

It looks like the Annie Wilson/Shenae Grimes combo has jumped out of the basemented worst character/worst actor combo she held during the first season. In this week's episode I loved her rant at Naomi in which she lied about sleeping with her boyfriend and then continued to rub it in her face, saying that they would lie in bed and make fun of her. Through the entire episode I notice that Grimes' acting was much better than it had been in the past. Maybe she's just more comfortable playing a jerk than a sad sack of garbage. Dixon, on the other hand, is unwatchable. Why they gave the starring role to this kid is beyond me. He's mechanical, he's not funny, he doesn't seem sincere. All in all a great candidate for this year's Marissa Cooper Award.

Melrose Place
As Jerry Seinfeld said, "Oh that Michael, he's so smug." Although I never watched the original Melrose, I feel like I have a relationship with it because of the constant references to it from other shows (mainly Seinfeld and King of Queens). Through two eps I find that it's pretty different than what I expected. I didn't see such a dark, mystery aspect coming. All of the who-done-it stuff with the death of Sydney has kept my interest so far. Meanwhile, Michael Rady's Jonah Miller has me screaming at the television set. This guy is so unlikeable in everything I've seen him in. From his small part in the summer series Swington, to his stint on Greek and now the terribleness that is his Jonah on Melrose. This character is the epitome of lame and Rady keeps playing the same guy, so it is safe to assume that he's just playing himself. And finally, Katie Cassidy has yet to disappoint as publicist Ella Simms. She was great in last year's Harper's Island and may be better here.

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