Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Flash Forward
I know it was only the first episode of the series, but I'm absolutely ready to dash for Flash. This was a great season premier and I definitely recommend it as the show to watch this fall so that you don't have to catch up later on. The premise of the show is just fantastic and unlike anything else on television right now. This epic event (everyone flashing their consciousness forward six months) happens to everyone in the entire world at the same time and now the characters in the show have to A)figure out what exactly happened, B)why it happened, and C)is it going to happen again. Much as the series premiers of Lost and Heroes felt game-changing, so did that of Flash Forward.

Now let's talk about the all-star cast of familiar faces in this crew.

The one who is dead in his flash forward- Harold of Harold and Kumar fame

The wife of the main dude- Penelope Widmore of Lost or Charlie's new wife in Terminator: TSCC

The dude Penny cheats on her husband with in her flash- Yes that is Commodore Norrington of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The head FBI dude in charge of the main dude and Harold- The one, the only, the RUNAWAY SLAVE, Jim from Adventure of Huck Finn

Soon to be seen is the lost from Lost Dominic Monaghan who played Charlie Pace on the acclaimed show

Edit: I forgot about the Famous Jet Jackson

The Office
After two weeks of Office and one of Curb, I think I have to move the Larry David special ahead in my rankings. Office is still very good, but doesn't have the same kick it did during season 2-3 lure. Dwight teaming up with Toby for this week's ep definitely brightened up last year's Lily Finerty Award winner, and didn't drop Dwight at all. Toby yelling at Daryl's sister from the car with the binocs was awesome. How come Jim isn't ever funny anymore. I remember him being funny on occasion in the past.

It has not taken off yet, but another good episode this week. Joel McHale is great and Chevy Chase was even better than week one. The Indian kid wasn't as good as the premier episode, but still quality. I'm looking for one of the chicks to step up the plate and prove something. I feel it might be Pete Campbell's wife. She showed some promise in this ep. At the end, when Joel and Chevy did their epic Spanish presentation, I laughed hysterically. The only problem was that that was the only time I laughed out loud.

The Mentalist
As most procedural do, The Mentalist got right back in the swing of things with their hum dee dumb format. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely enjoyed. Any format would work with this crew. One major note is that Rigsby lost some serious wait between the first and second seasons. If that doesn't get Van Pelt seriously interested in him, I don't know what will. Patrick Jane was on his game as usual, and the overlying plot line of Red John is still lurking. I'm glad that it will always be on the back burner so that the show has some sort of end game.

Parks and Recreation
Ann's boyfriend is fantastic. He lives in a ditch, eats the fruits and vegetables from Leslie's garden, and spies on his ex-girlfriend. Tom Haverford is the only other dude on the show I can't get behind right now. Ann is quality, although she's just playing Karen Filipelli. Amy Poehler is garbage. The good-looking dude isn't funny. The boss doesn't do it for me. And the young girl is boring. Definitely behind Community at this point.

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