Friday, August 17, 2012

Wilfred 209 Review- On the Road Again

Wilfred- "I don't want to cast a darker shadow on an already tragic day, but I think someone may have eaten part of Jeremy's brains."
The last time we saw Catherine Newman, when we first met her just under a month ago in season one's "Compassion," her situation brought even more intrigue to Ryan's condition. She may have provided some some answers, but she also forced us to ask even more questions about what on earth was going on in Wilfred.

"Service" didn't really evoke those types of thoughts. Instead, it was just another well-written, hilariously performed half hour of television. Or in other words, it was what we have come to expect from Wilfred Season 2.

Like many installments this season, the beginning felt very different from the rest of the episode - setting the scene for what is to come - but like most that have come before it, the opening to "Service" was absolutely hilarious.

It started with Rob Riggle's perfectly timed "Are you down with OPP?" Seriously, that shouldn't have been funny. The phrase has been used time and time again, and probably hasn't been humorous since the new millennium, but there is something about Riggle's subtlety and apathetic attitude that made this work completely.
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