Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Covert Affairs 304 Review- California, Here She Comes

Simon- "We're all spinning plates. One's bound to drop from time to time."
Who had episode four in the TV Fanatic pool for when Annie would be back working for the DPD? I sure didn't, but after getting the boot from Lena for apparently botching the Simon mission, that's exactly where Annie ends up in "Speed of Life."

This isn't setting the reset button, though. When I was worried that Covert Affairs might send all the stories back to the status quo too soon after the season premiere, I wasn't imagining this. This we can work with.

Annie was sent back to work at the DPD, but since Simon came back for her by the end of the hour, and she accepted his profession of "like," the situation is still very fluid. She might just go rogue at this point. Lena might HAVE to bring her back into the fold if she's spending just as much time with Simon as she was before.

Either way, this isn't the usual "blow the new stories up to get things back to normal so that fans don't get mad" issue. This was just one wrinkle in this season's longer running plot  Lena wasn't happy with Annie's performance so she had to drop her. Whether that sticks or not depends heavily on what happens after Annie leaves with Simon in that car.
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Covert Affairs 304 - "Speed of Life"

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