Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teen Wolf 211 Review- Our Independence Day

Gerard- "I didn't just come here to bury my daughter, I came to avenge her."
In its final episode before the Season 2 finale, Teen Wolf did many of the same things it has done throughout this fantastic summer. "Battlefield" answered a number of questions, gave the viewers plenty more to ponder, and fired all of it out at a rapid pace.

The hour began with a terrifically directed sequence, in which extreme close ups and strange angles were used to build tension as Stiles spoke with the guidance counselor. Tim Andrew deserves credit for hooking us into the hour in a new and interesting fashion.

The action didn't stop there. After hearing howls from wolves in the woods, and apparently realizing that they had lost the current war, Erica and Boyd decided that they wanted to join the new pack they thought they heard. Unfortunately for them, the pack was actually Chris and Allison playing a recording.

Unfortunately for all of us, Allison is now an all out ass kicker. Well, maybe it's unfortunate for the rest of y'all because I loved watching her show no mercy on the two defenseless pups. Crystal Reed was great at playing the stone cold killer that she was in that moment, and it is exactly the kind of crisis that will give this series legs. Allison is losing it a bit, and if that creates tension between her and Scott while giving our hero a formidable opponent, I'm all for it.
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Teen Wolf 211 - "Battlefield"

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