Friday, August 3, 2012

Wilfred 208 Review- I Bet That's Funny

Ryan- "We decided to leave and start our own boutique law firm together."
Wilfred- "Boutique? So you'd represent jewelry and effeminate trinkets and such?"
There were definitely some funny moments, but probably because creator David Zuckerman dubbed it "maybe [the] funniest ep yet," I was considerably disappointed by "Avoidance."

Don't get me wrong, Kristen's entire performance was fantastic, and it was probably the best use of Dorian Brown yet. The only thing that topped Ryan's friend's ridiculously idiotic inside jokes was Kristen's reaction to each and every one of them.

Whether it was laughing at everything he said, even though she had no idea what the joke was, or attempting to add to the laugh with quips like "that poor duck," she was probably the highlight of the night.

The next best thing about "Avoidance" was the pair of big dance sequences. Yes, I realize there were more than two dancing scenes, but I'm talking about the big numbers.
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Wilfred 208 - "Avoidance"

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  1. Kristen really irritates me in most episodes, but her inability to see Dorian Brown’s lack of interest was hysterical. Most of my coworkers at Dish were upset about the lack of Bear scenes, but I think this episode was more reminiscent of the first season, with the exception of the belly rubbing scene. I have been watching both the old and new season on my Dish Remote Access app and this is by far one of the best episodes.