Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Covert Affairs 305 Review- Spy Friends

Annie- "What about this job makes it perfect for you?"
Eyal- "Well I'm good with Americans."
Who doesn't love them some Eyal? That's right, Oded Fehr returned to Covert Affairs for a guest appearance in "This is Not America." His charm and obvious chemistry with Piper Perabo made the hour much more entertaining than it would have been without him.

There were a couple of really fun moments between Eyal and Annie, including what I like to call a game of "Good potential employer/Bad potential employer." Not only did that moment make for an interesting dynamic between them and their new target, Isaac, but it also showed the different layers to the relationship.

They're acquaintances. Sometimes they are partners. They've had some intimate moments. Early on in this mission it was announced that they are officially "friends." All of that could have made things extremely awkward when Eyal revealed that he was evaluating her for the department, but like the rock that she is, it didn't seem to faze Annie.

She kept on keeping on, as the two of them continued on the mission, and they even had time to watch a bit of Eyal's son's soccer practice. It showed her that he isn't just this free wheeling spy without a care in the world. Eyal has things, and people, holding him back as well. It's moments like that that probably make Annie feel better about being a spy and having such close relationships with folks.
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