Friday, August 10, 2012

Wilfred 208 Review- The Game of Games

Ryan- "She makes me feel normal."
Wilfred- "Oh and I don't?"
Ryan- "You're looting my kitchen dressed like one of the wolverines."
Ryan Newman's second biggest secret caused a lot of dominoes to fall in "Truth." Announcing his love to Amanda not only led to her admission of feeling the same and deciding to move in... but it eventually broke them up as well.

Despite the title of this season premiere, Ryan still hasn't made much progress. As his prize for winning the game against Bruce explained, Ryan was playing a ridiculous game with his neighbor's dog and what may or may not be an imaginary crazy person in a basement that might not exist for 12 hours!

Those are the types of activities he wouldn't want others to know he engages in, especially someone he cares about. So Ryan went with the old adage of "setting those you love free." If Amanda comes back to him, and he has figured his life out by then, the two might actually make it.

If that ever happens, it will likely be after the series is over. Wilfred doesn't work if Ryan has it all together. If he's not seeing his neighbor's dog as a crass talking Australian man, there is no show. That's why episodes like "Truth" are so important. It affirmed the fact that this is Ryan's problem, and it's not going away any time soon.
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Wilfred 208 - "Truth"

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  1. I was waiting for my wife in the parking lot at the airport and she was taking forever so I started watching this episode with my Dish Remote Access app. I have not been watching for Wilfred for that long, but this was the craziest episode I have ever seen. The spaghetti dump game was the best but I laughed for about five minutes straight at all of the nonsensical games. At the end though, we are left with more questions than answers. I met a man on my way to my office at Dish today and he acted exactly like Bruce. I wonder if he was imaginary as well.