Friday, August 26, 2011

Wilfred 111 Review- Crass Confusion

Ryan- "I really think I'm gonna be alright."
Wilfred- "Of course you are...I ain't going anywhere."
Comedies don't always need to make sense. Would I prefer there be a mythology to the Wilfred madness? Sure, but if that dog continues to kill vacuum cleaners because he thinks they are evil robots, the hilarity will keep on trumping the confusion.

"Doubt" definitely muddied the waters that "Compassion" seemed to clear up last week. After seeing Ryan's mother talk to Mittens, it seemed that this was some sort of hereditary psychosis that he inherited from Catherine. Now, with all of this Bruce business, I am not so sure.

Was Bruce another figment of Ryan's imagination? Or was he just another troubled man that could also see man-Wilfred as he claimed? The one time Ryan pointed him out to Kristen, Bruce wasn't there. However, Wilfred acted like Bruce was a real person at times, yet at others made it seem like he had invented Bruce Bruce.

The entire scene in the woods was seriously confusing, but Wilfred's ability to lighten the mood more than made up for it. When Bruce complained that Wilfred had made him make out with own father, the dog's response was Everybody at the party loved it. They thought it was edgy. That had me in stitches.
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Wilfred 111 - "Doubt"

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