Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Brother Weeks 7 and 8- My Word Is My Bond

Spoiler Alert...Below are the results and my thoughts on this week's episodes of Big Brother 13. Also, we'll take a look at how Mags', Jaydon's, Larry's and my teams are stacking up on the fantasy side of things. So before reading any further, watch the eps, be mischieveous, then read what I have to say.

I know I'm going to have a lot to say here, but I wanted to start out with the mischievous/mischieveous thing.  I knew Big Jeff was correct with mischievous the entire time, but the more Jordan said mischieveous the more it sounded like it could be a real word.  Why do I feel like I've heard that word so many times if it's not an actual word?  Are that many people as dumb as Jordan?

Anyway, back to the game at hand.  I've stated many times before that this cast is horrendous, but it is still a sad state of affairs when a contestant can go from being my least favorite in the house to the one I want to win the money within a matter of days.  Even the houseguests that we are supposed to like have been extremely irritating, which caused me to root for Shelly until I was blue in the face.

Yes! The same Shelly I had as my least favorite person in the house for weeks upon weeks.  Yes the same Shelly that has been preaching nothing but friendship over gameplay for over a month now.  That Shelly is the only one in the Big Brother house that I would feel comfortable giving 500,000 dollars to in reward for their game play.

Sadly, Daniele was eliminated.  She was the only one that both played this game from the beginning, and on top of that she was an entertaining character to watch.  In her final ditch effort to stay in the game though, she convinced Shelly to finally make a move.  While that move to save Daniele and team up against Jeff and Jordan didn't work during Thursday's first elimination (of course Rachel spoiled it), it kept Shelly in the correct frame of mind to get rid of Jeff less than half an hour later.  Your efforts were not for nothing Dani!

Big Jeff, for how much I liked him two years ago on both this and Amazing Race, really took a big hit this summer.  Even though I enjoyed the evolution of him referring to himself as "Big Jeff," that humor didn't make up for what I am convinced is either his extreme stupidity or frightening psychosis.

Let me explain.  I have no problem with people who preach about their word meaning everything, and then stick to that.  They aren't able to separate real life from the game.  That's fine.  I also do not have a problem with those that preach about honesty only to back-stab others in order to further themselves in the game, if they admit to America and themselves that their "truth" bit is only a ploy to win this game.

Big Jeff continues to preach honesty, his word, and being truthful until he's out of breath.  He then turns around and stabs Daniele in the back, and really anyone else he doesn't trust in the house, but still thinks his word means everything.  Right up to the point that he pulled the knife out of Dani's back, he was preaching honesty.  To the cameras, to himself, he thinks he is playing this game straight.  I state again, he is either extremely dumb, or a terrifying psychopath.

As sad as it was to see Daniele walk out the door as the first elimination of the night, it was just as sweet to see Big Jeff following her to the Jury House.  And as much as I turned against Jeff in the end, he was still one of the three most entertaining characters in this season of Big Brother.  The other two?  With him on the Jury. Without Jeff, Dani, and Brendon, the rest of this season seems almost un-watchable.

Meanwhile, on the fantasy side of things, Jaydon is running away with this as he finally has had someone eliminated.  It's tough to tell if anyone will be able to catch him, but Larry has the best shot with Shelly and Jordan left on his roster.  If the two of them make it to the final three, he has a good shot.  With a single floater left for me and Mags, we seem to be out of the mix.

Jeff +21: HoH (+15), Veto (+15), W7 (+22), Nom (-10), Votes (-12)= +51
Rachel +14: W7 (+22), Nom (-10), W8 (+29), Votes (-8)= +47
Kalia +41: Nom (-10), Votes (-8), W7 (+22), HoH (+15), W8 (+29)= +89

Last Week at +76: Team total= +187

Brendon -14
Lawon -35
Adam +36: W7 (+22), W8 (+29)= +87

Last Week at -13: Team total= +38

Jordan -7: W7 (+22), W8 (+29)= +44
Shelly -23: W7 (+22), W8 (+29)= +28
Dominic -110

Last Week at -140: Team total= -38

Daniele +36: Nom (-10), Votes (-12)= +14
Cassie -95
Porsche -15: Nom (-10), W7 (+22), Veto (+15), W8 (+29)= +41

Last Week at -74: Team total= -40

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