Thursday, June 11, 2015

Zack and Kelly Award - Best Couple

The Zack and Kelly Award for Best Couple
2010: Desmond and Penny (Lost)
2011: Michael and Holly (The Office)
2012: Phil and Claire (Modern Family)
2013: Nick and Jess (New Girl)
2014: Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

2015 Results

10. Jamie and Claire (Outlander) 3 points
4th by Loose

9. Joel and Julia (Parenthood) 4 points
4th by T-time, Jack

8. Wade and Zoe (Hart of Dixie) 9 points
1st by Loose

7. Stan and Peggy (Mad Men) 11 points
1st by Jaydon, Brady

6. Jimmy and Gretchen (You're the Worst) 12 points
1st by Cecil, Marsh

5. Don and Sloan (The Newsroom) 13 points
1st by Larry, Tyson, Lenny

4. Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries) 13 points
1st by T-time, Jack

3. Schmidt and Cece (New Girl) 16 points
1st by Bonz

2. Sam and Gilly (Game of Thrones) 19 points
1st by Mags

and the Poolie goes to...

1. Phil and Carol (The Last Man on Earth) 20 points
2nd by Loose, T-time, Mags

This is obviously the first Poolies victory for Phil and Carol as a couple and the first overall for The Last Man on Earth following its premiere season.

Winner's Breakdown
2nd: Loose, T-time, Mags
3rd: Jack, Jaydon, Brady
No Vote: Larry, Tyson, Cecil, Rizzo, Bonz, Tippy, Lenny, Marsh

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